Children's Furniture

Children's Furniture

Childrens furniture comes in all sorts of fun and funky designs, as well as more practical, plainer designs. Rooms could be decorated with funky bunk beds to thuka trendy beds.

Children's rooms need to be a combination of things, from a fun and stimulating place for them to play during the day, to a relaxing calming space for them to sleep at night, to a functional, practical place for them to store their toys and clothes, and childrens furniture is a major part of the plans.

At KidzDens we have ranges of childrens furniture to fulfill these needs, whatever your tastes and desires. Kids furniture for kid's to enjoy and kids furniture for practicality.

Choosing kids furniture
Choosing the right childrens furniture involves a number of considerations. Are you looking for themed kids furniture that they will love whilst they are young, but will grow out of in a few years? Or are you looking for more practical kid's furniture that will be fun now but is also adaptable; kid's furniture that will grow with your child.

Both types of kids furniture are available at KidzDens. Thuka kids furniture is a modular range of childrens furniture that can be modified as your child grows, so you can adapt it to the needs of the moment. The Kidsaw and Sweet Dreams ranges of kids furniture are more funky ranges for younger kids.

Storage space
Storage space can also be a major consideration when choosing childrens furniture. There's never enough space to store all of you kids' bits and pieces, but choosing the right kids furniture can certainly help. A raised bed such as a midsleeper cabin bed or a high sleeper loft bed creates extra floor space for extra kids furniture underneath as additional storage.

Fun playbeds
Childrens furniture can be fun as well as practical. You can add tents, towers, slides and tunnels to some of our childrens furniture ranges to make a fun and colourful den and play area for your kids. Thuka Trendy childrens furniture is a modular system that can grow with your child, so as you change the bed around the furniture can be altered to make the most of the available space.

Childrens bedroom furniture
Not all childrens furniture is designed for the bedroom but we specialize in putting together furniture, bedding, wall decor and accessories to create the perfect room for you kids.

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