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When should you move toddlers to big kids beds

big kids beds

As your baby grows many things will change, including their bed. But working out the correct time to make the change to a big kids bed, could seem like a daunting task. In actual fact, there is no set time that your child should make this move. It is roughly suggested that between 2 and 3 and a half years old is about the time to be thinking about the move.


There are some circumstances that may accelerate this move, for example if your child is climbing out of the cot, if your child is toilet training then you may want them to be able to get to the toilet in the night should they need it or you may have a new baby who needs the cot. If the latter is true then moving children from their cots to big kids beds should be done a couple of months before the new arrival so that become accustomed to their new surroundings. Moreover, if there are any night time problems, hopefully they would be sorted before the new arrival requires your attention too.


Some children will adjust easily to the change, however some may not, and as every child is different it is not easy to predict the outcome of the situation until you have given it a go. For first born children the change may come at a time when lots of other things are changing, such as potty training and going to nursery and so could seem a little over whelming, taking things in stages and not making these changes all at once may help here. For younger siblings, they may want to make the move from a cot to the big kids beds because they want to be like their brothers or sisters.


One way to ease the transition is to try and keep their bedroom the same at first and place the bed in the same space that the cot was. Another method could be to allow your child to choose kids bedding where they can then pick a design that they want, whether its pirate or princess theme, giving in to their choice here may be a good idea over fighting them on it as it may make them resent the move as opposed to helping it. Finally, consider you childs bedroom and your upstairs area when making this move and prepare it for a little one possibly wandering around at night time. This may be a good time to think about a night light that your child can easily switch on.


Kidzdens has a great range of kids beds in stock to meet your needs, also on the website you can find handy accessories such as kids bedding and night lights to help make your childs bedroom the perfect haven for them.

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