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When it comes to furniture for kids, size really is everything

kids furniture

As the parent of a new-born, you quickly grow accustomed to the fact that your decisions have an impact on others and that you are, sometimes alarmingly, “in charge”!  Of course, at Kidzdens, we know how vital this role is - from choosing healthy food for them to picking out the furniture for kids, you are compelled to make EVERY choice for them.  As naturally as breathing, you are biologically hardwired to protect them from harm, to keep them comfortable and to help them in their growth, both physical and mental.

As a result, it can often come as a bit of a culture shock when your children start to make decisions for themselves – all of a sudden, they have opinions on things; opinions they’re not afraid to express!  Foods they used to eat won’t pass their lips, previously favourite clothes are thrown in a corner and everything in their bedroom needs to be relocated to suit their new attitudes.

Naturally, you know that you’re in the right (well, most of the time!) but, as they grow, it is important that your children learn to defend their interests and express their individuality.

Your children’s bedroom is one of the few places that is entirely theirs and it is, therefore, important that the room fits them – by choosing the right furniture for kids, you can empower their  burgeoning awareness of their self – and so we at Kidzdens are always keen to help parents get the choices right.

Clearly, childrens furniture needs to be well-made and practical but they can also, if picked carefully, help your children’s development.  Appropriately sized furniture for kids will provide your child with an environment that is tailored to them – seats they can climb onto, cupboard and drawers they can open, shelves they can reach.  All this allows them to recognise not only that they belong but that they can start to do things for themselves.

Of course, as this journey of self-discovery progresses and the clothes end up on the floor and the posters go on the wall, you may wish you’d never started!  However, as the adage goes, “you can’t stop them growing up”.  All you can do is help them.  And, at Kidzdens, we can lend a hand with a wide range of suitably sized, yet stylish, furniture for kids.  Why not come and take a look…?

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