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What are the new trends in childrens furniture


Making your home yours is important. As is making your childs bedroom creative and stimulating, as well as fun is also a pivotal part of the home, especially as they grow and become more and more independent. As your children grow, you will find that they will voice their opinions on every topic under the sun including the style of their bedroom. However, until that time comes it is your decision what type of furniture you want to place in your child bedroom. Childrens furniture comes in a variety of forms; it can be functional and can grow with your children, stimulating and creative as well as a way of creating a room that becomes a haven for your child.


In the past traditional styles made from wood have been a classic choice, however as technologies develop so do the range of styles and materials available to choose from. Kidsaw furniture for example has been created so that it can be put together without the need for screws or nails. Without compromising on quality of functionality the items by Kidsaw also offer a great way to get your children involved in creating their bedroom furniture! The range of items comes in a variety of themes including JCB style as well as a floral theme, or in lovely pastel shades of blue or pink.


When thinking about your childrens furniture, it is not only essential to be aware of the amount of space that you have to utilise but also to make a note of the key items that your child will need. A typical list of the items you may need include a bed, a wardrobe, chest of drawers, table and chairs in some form (this could be as a desk and single chair with some beanbags or as a large table with multiple chairs). Beds come in a variety of styles, including single beds, kids bunk beds, midsleepers and highsleepers. Midsleepers and highsleepers offer great storage solutions if you are tight on space but can also be fun as some midsleepers have, for example, slides attached to them. Highsleepers are generally for older children as they are that bit higher off the ground, and typically offer space saving solutions as they come with various combinations underneath, such as a desk and chair bed or desk and wardrobe.


There are various things to consider when thinking about the style you want to choose for your childrens furniture as everyone’s needs are different. However, if you are looking for longevity from your furniture but want to your childs personality to be incorporated into the room, think about childrens bedding as well as other accessories such as wall art and lighting to create that perfect environment. For more information and to see the range of childrens furniture available at KidzDens, follow our childrens furniture link.

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