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Whether it’s new words learnt, baby teeth falling out or clothes that never seem to fit, we at Kidzdens know how every parent is feeling: my children are growing up too fast!

No sooner have you gently placed them into their cot for the first time, tucked in their Lunar Jim childrens bedding and watched their eyes sparkle as they giggle at the freshly painted mural of Winnie the Pooh and his friends on the wall than months have flown by and they’re kicking a muddy football against the same mural, all dressed in their full Chelsea FC kit.

The simple fact is that whatever predictions we make about what we think our children will like, they will still cultivate their own interests and hobbies as they grow and, with the best will in the world, few of us can afford to redecorate their bedroom at every crossroads in their development in order to keep up.

We have an alternative blueprint that may be of interest, one that will allow you to keep pace with each new fad and not break the bank in doing so.  By opting for a neutral interior design and allowing your childrens bedding and bedroom accessories to take the strain in reflecting changing fashions, you can keep your children happy and not have to bring in Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen every six months!

At Kidzdens, we have a wide range of funky, yet practical, children’s furniture.  These are stylish and well-made pieces, providing a blank canvas upon which your children can express themselves (though, hopefully, not literally!)

Once the furniture is installed, you can peruse the huge variety of themed childrens bedding (from pirates, football teams and dinosaurs to Narnia, Fairy Princesses and Hello Kitty) and bedroom accessories (such as cute mobiles, cuddly bed warmers, themed door signs and picture frames) that are available here at Kidzdens to reflect your children’s personality as they grow and mature.

So visit us now at Kidzdens and see how you can redesign your childrens bedding.  They’ll thank you for it and they may even stop playing football into the bedroom and take it down the park!

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