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Thuka Trendy Beds

  • Thuka Beds offer a range of childrens bedroom furniture solutions

    Thuka beds

    Here at KidzDens we have a huge selection of childrens furniture, helping you to create the perfect bedroom for your kids. We pride ourselves on providing high quality kids furniture that will survive the rigours of childhood. To this end we offer some of the best brands from across the world including Thuka (Denmark) and Stompa (Norway).

    Thuka have been designing and manufacturing children's beds for over 50 years. The combination of years of experience, innovative design concepts and outstanding manufacturing standards have made them one of the world's leading brand names in childrens bedroom furniture. Manufactured from quality Scandinavian Polar pine from sustainable managed forests and sealed with clear lacquer for a child-friendly wipe clean finish.  One of the key points of the Thuka range that we at KidzDens love is the compatibility of all the furniture with the other pieces in the range. There are several ranges within the Brand including the “trendy”, “hit” and “maxi”.  The system works by buying the initial child’s bed base unit, available in a variety of finishes and the adding the touches that will make it the perfect bed for your kids. For example the Thuka Trendy Tower in Flower print would instantly turn a room in to space fit for your little princess. If your little guy is more interested in pirates than parties, you could try adding a Trendy cave tunnel tent accessory, to create a really cool den area.

    From the adult perspective this swop and change nature of a childrens bedding system ensures the longevity of the core piece of furniture. By selecting a plain white base unit and accessorising the bed and the rest of the room you can have a selection of themes for relatively little cost. KidzDens offer a large selection of childrens bedding for an easy way to instantly brighten a room. Or why not try childrens wall stickers; they are available in all your kids’ favourites from football and safari themes to brands such as High School Musical and the Gruffalo. Building a theme is easy, as we have a large selection of various items in each category. Some of the main themes for childrens bedroom furniture are space, sea, fairies and princesses.

  • What is Thuka

    Thuka Furniture and Beds

    Kidz Dens is an official re-seller of the Thuka products. Thuka make bedroom furniture creative with funky designs that combine detail with practicality, especially if you are looking for space savers. Thuka beds are available in the traditional single bed as well as midsleepers, bunk beds and also highsleepers.

    Thuka single beds range from traditional wooden beds to beds with a twist that hide and extra bed underneath or with build in storage, either will always come in handy! Thuka have recently launched their new ‘Trendy’ line, which sees modern designs in all of the bed styles. An example of a Thuka midsleeper sees the bed transformed into a wonderful storage area with drawers and shelves underneath as well as with a desk attached. Or a more creative design includes a slide to make getting up from bed more of an adventure than a chore for your child.

    Other designs include Thuka bunk beds that come in all different styles including rocket ships and football themes for boys and princess and flower themes for girls, making a perfect addition to any child bedroom. As well as this the Thuka range includes beds for older children, especially useful are bunk beds for sleepovers and for even more sleeping space there are Thuka bunk beds with an extra pull out bed underneath. This may come in especially handy if you have a big family and the children all want to have a friend over or if you have a big extended family who come to stay over the holidays!

    Similarly to the misleepers the Thuka highsleepers are great space savers but as they are even higher they are quite capable of fitting wardrobes underneath.  These types of beds are especially useful for loft bedrooms as they can help create more room, some designs come with a desk underneath if your child is getting ready for exams and needs extra room to study or to do homework. Alternatively if your child simply wants some space to themselves, Thuka highsleepers include a range with convertible bed to sofas underneath.

    Thuka also have a range of beds that have been built to resemble some of your children’s favourite things, for example your child could be sleeping in a pirate ship or a digger! So for all you need to make your child’s bedroom magical and for more information or to buy Thuka products visit Kidz Dens.

  • Thuka Beds are cutting edge design for your kids

    thuka beds

    Kidzdens are proud suppliers of the cutting edge Thuka ranges of kids beds. These beds are specifically designed as childrens bedroom furniture, which means that they are perfect for children of all ages. Thuka beds include children friendly features such as lower edges, storage options and numerous fun additions. Take for example the option of a slide in the Thuka Maxi range and if you are safety conscious you can opt for the additional safety barriers.  If you are after a more fanciful addition try the Thuka fairy theme midsleeper bed, which features a canvas fun tent which depicts a fairy filled woodland scene.

    Another great feature of thuka kids beds is the storage options. We all know that children seem to generate clutter, made up of their toys and general accessories, having space to tidy them away is a boon to any parent. The team at thuka also create other items of childrens bedroom furniture such as bookcases, chest of drawers (with two and four drawer options) and wardrobes. As all of these pieces of childrens furniture are designed specifically for kids, there are built at a height accessible for children.  This is an important consideration for children of the age when they are beginning to be responsible for keeping their own space tidy and choosing their own clothes. Another practical application of the range is as kids bunk beds. There is a selection of incorporated bunk bed units to choose from. Alternatively, if you require temporary extra sleeping space why not try the Thuka Hit pullout bed in wither natural or white.

    Kidzdens pride themselves on sourcing the best quality childrens bed room furniture from the top companies in the world such as Thuka, Stompa and Julian Bowen. We aim to provide not just practical solutions in childrens furniture but also cutting edge design for your children. We have everything you need on our website to make your kids room a perfect place to dream and grow for your little ones. We stock a huge range of accessories to accompany your new kids beds, such as quick and easy to use wall stickers to themed curtains and kids bedding.

  • Kidzdens Thuka range offers many additional accessories to your kids beds

    Thuka beds

    The Thuka range at KidzDens is innovative and exciting for your child from toddler to teenager. The Thuka Maxi system is extremely beneficial as you can add to and change a basic bed by adding on additional accessories and pieces. For example, you may start off with a Thuka bed; you can then raise it up and install a desk, a bookcase or a chest of drawers, or you can expand your child’s imagination by adding a slide, a fun play tunnel, a castle tower or even a rope swing. The Thuka Maxi range is a great space saver as it is easily converted from a single bed to a bunk bed. The Thuka additional parts do not have to be purchased when you buy the beds, you can buy them separately and to your child’s wishes as you like straight from the KidzDens website.


    Sold straight from the KidzDens website are various Thuka bed add-ons. For your child’s own safety we sell a range of safety ladder handles. These are customised to your child’s needs in a range of colours, which adds a sense of style to your Thuka bed. The Thuka bunk beds come with non-slip steps on the ladders, also improving the safety of your little one.


    If you are looking to add a bit of style to your child’s Thuka bed we sell many different add ons that are easy added to your bed including: tunnel tent and a clip on table. The Thuka tunnel tent comes in various colours, including blue for boys and pink for girls. At KidzDens we stock tunnel tents in different styles. For example, there is a space tent for children with an interest in the solar system and things out of this world, or you may choose the princess design tunnel tent by Thuka for your young girl interested in everything pink. The tunnel tents can be added to beds to create a fun play area for kids and are easily assembled.


    At Kidzdens we sell a selection of the Thuka clip on tables. These are great to be added on to your kids bunk beds, as they are handy for keeping bed time drinks or keeping a book on at night time. They save your child from getting out of bed in the middle of the night to get a drink as they have one right next to them, also maintaining safety as a high priority.


    For more Thuka products for your kids bedroom visit KidsDenz now.

  • Thuka systems are great for limited spaces

    Thuka beds

    Is your kids room the box room? Do you find it difficult to buy children’s furniture that fits the space? Then Thuka furniture may be the solution.  Here at Kidzdens we aim to provide childrens bedding solutions for all shapes and sizes of room. We offer the childrens beds from the very best designers in the world such as Thuka, Stompa and the UK’s own Kidsaw.

    Thuka is a particular great brand to choose if your space is limited. In small rooms, storage is often the critical factor and as such is often forsaken. A bed is a key part of a bedroom, as is a wardrobe for storing clothes; other types of childrens furniture are a luxury.  Thuka Hit Furniture offers many practical solutions which incorporate storage in to the foot print of the bed. For example the Thuka hit 21 High Sleeper, offers a childrens bunk bed style frame but without the lower bunk. The range then offers a number of options that integrate with the frame, such as desks for older children or chests of drawers for storing toys and clothes. This is also great if space is not of a premium, as there are several less practical options for this space, such as cloth dens or sofa beds.  Another great tip for smaller rooms, is to introduce light into the space, as this creates the impression of space. The careful use of mirrors and character lights can help with the general effect.

    One of the reasons why Thuka ticks so many boxes here at Kidzdens is that they manage to design childrens furniture that is functional, fun and have funky design. As part of the raison d’être of the company is that the products should be interchangeable. This means that as your child grows, so can your Thuka furniture. There a tailor made additional extras that can be fitted to your childs base unit, as and when your child requires them. As the additional pieces are specifically designed to add to the range, you can rest assured that they meet with the highest standards of the Thuka Company and compile with childrens safety regulations.

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