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Stompa Beds

  • What is available within the Stompa Beds range?

    stompa neds

    Are your children growing up and looking to put their stamp on their bedroom? Are you looking for practical solutions that will also keep you children happy? The Stompa Beds range offers a great selection of beds to choose from to meet your needs. If you are looking for childrens beds online then look no further than KidzDens who are currently offering free delivery on the Stompa, Thuka Maxi as well; as Parisot combinations.

    The Stompa range includes beds in two different heights in order to cater for children of different ages. If your child is still quite young but is looking for something a bit more exciting than a single bed or your typical bunk bed, then take a look at the Stompa Rondo range. Within this collection you will find beds that have great storage solutions, making them practical, as well as this your child can chose how they would like to utilise the bed, be it with a desk, storage boxes or drawers. This will benefit you as you can talk with your child about what they want whilst being able to have control over the practical elements such as a need for storage. Moreover, the Stompa Rondo collection comes in a variety of colours to suit the design of your childs room and their colour choices.

    The Stompa Casa range offers solutions for older children as they are highsleepers that can be created based on your child specific requirements. For example if your child often has a friend over to stay then choosing a Stompa bed that also has a sofa bed would be beneficial. It is even possible to combine a sofa or chair bed with a desk if they will need one to study or to do homework. Other combinations could include a sofa bed and storage solutions or a desk and storage solutions. As your child is growing up quickly this bed will be a practical investment especially if they are included in the decision making process. As with the Stompa Rondo range, the Casa range comes in a variety of colours.

    A great way to choose the perfect bed for your child is to look online, at KidzDens there are not only beds to meet every child’s needs but also more childrens furniture and accessories, such as, childrens bedding to create the perfect place for your child to grow up in.

  • Stompa beds for kids

    stompa beds

    Stompa are a Norwegian company who specialise in childrens bedroom furniture. They have been designing and manufacturing award winning childrens furniture for over twenty years. They pride themselves on producing kids beds that are both practical and well built. A key feature of the majority of the range is the multi-functionality of the furniture. Many of the beds are in a cabin style with additional features in the lower section of the bed. Options include storage areas such as drawers and shelves, cupboards or desk space. Stompa also have a selection of traditional kids bunk beds, allowing you to save space in a room shared by two children.  For older children there is also the option to have a high bunk style bed, with the space below left empty. This creates more floor space in the room or alternatively can be used to make a funky chill out space by including a sofa.

    The company is named after Stein Oskar Magell Paus Anderson (STOMPA), who was Norwegian schoolboy character in a series of funny children’s stories.  The stories were based on the protagonist’s trials and tribulations in a boarding school. This series of childrens books is so popular in Norway that four films were made in the 1960’s. Nowadays in the UK Stompa is a byword for high quality childrens bedroom furniture.

    Kidzdens have everything you need to create the perfect environment for your little ones to have their own adventures. We provide high quality kids beds and furniture, which are cleverly designed and easy to build. We also stock a huge selection of accessories to complete your chosen theme. Using childrens bedding is an easy way to add to a theme, such as a jungle or princess theme. At Kidzdens many of our linen products are also available for other soft furnishings such as bean bags and curtains. Another exciting addition to our childrens furniture catalogue is childrens sofas and chair beds. Chair beds are great as beds for kids that visit without much notice. Unlike sofa beds, these chair beds do not require much setup, as there are no mechanical parts.

  • Stompa: Sturdy construction is great for kids.


    It’s that time of year again, that many parents across the UK dread and no we don’t mean Christmas! We are in fact referring to the return of the winter Saturday night talent shows such as the X factor and Strictly Come Dancing! While they are great fun and engage your children, they also pose a real threat to your childrens furniture. Traditionally, children use kids beds as trampolines, now your classic stompa bed may have to double as a stage. Can you imagine the strain that a bed will face, with a couple of six year olds enacting the latest JLS routine on it? This is where the sturdy design and high quality build values of Stompa, really come to the fore. Stompa are a Norwegian company, who have been making “safe furniture for active children”, for over a hundred years.


    If your little ones are Glee or High School Musical crazy, then check out our range of accessories for their room. Such as, themed childrens bedding or character wall stickers. At kidzdens, we aim to allow you to create the perfect space for your little ones to live out their fantasies in a safe environment. Stocking products from great manufacturers such as Stompa and Thuka furniture for kids is simply part of this process.


    Stompa beds lend themselves to the concept of a popstars dream, as they are packed with storage areas, for all the glitzy accessories. Take the Stompa Casa 05 Highsleeper, which features space underneath the bunk, which can be filled with a cool sofa to chill out on after a tiring routine. Alternatively, this space can be used to house the numerous awards, which they are undoubtedly going to accumulate.


    If imminent pop stardom isn’t your kids thing, then check out our range of other themes for inspiration. Another great quality of the Stompa range is its simplicity in terms of styling. This means that pieces of Stompa childrens furniture easily fit into any theme of room. The use of carefully chosen kids bedding, can easily link the bed space into the same theme as the rest of the room.

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