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  • Celebrate the most extraordinary Father’s Day with some Smashing Ideas

    You might be looking for some knock-out ideas for Father’s day this season. You can arrange a great event for your Father this year by following the ideas mentioned below:

    Arrange a small dinner/brunch at your Father’s favorite place

    Plan with your Mum about reserving a table at your Father’s favorite restaurant or pub in advance. Then order all your Father’s favorites for brunch or dinner. Don’t forget to order his favorite wine with the food. Make him feel like a king!

    Plan a visit to some museum/zoo

    Museums and zoos are best place to be for families. Your Dad will be more than pleased when all the family will have great time together playing various indoor and outdoor games, walking down the museum to watch the heritage, feeding the animals in their way and having great fun.

    Take your Dad to witness his craze live!

    If your father is crazy about some sport, check beforehand when his most awaited tournaments are going to be held and where. Then on his special day, take your Father to watch the tournament live. These events will double the enjoyment. His thrill will intensify if he gets a chance to take part in the sports himself. Golf matches can be very desirable activities for many fathers.

    Family Picnic is always the best option

    Having a picnic together with the whole family is something desired by every family member. So just pack your goods and get going to your favorite picnic spot. There, you can have an open-air barbecue, play cricket, football and other outdoor games and have lots of fun. You can also have long walks in the park you are having a picnic in. Do try boating and horse-riding with your father if you happen to find one.

    Music can be the Best Gift

    Plan to attend an Oprah if your father is a big fan of melodious nights. You can also head towards any concert if your father doesn’t mind wild music. You can present your Dad with the CD collection from his favorite artist. It will be the most valuable gift for him for sure!

    Spend some private time with your Dad

    Try to give the whole day to your father and spend the day the way he wants. Go out on leisurely walks with him, do grocery together and hang around with your Dad to stay close to him and make him feel special. You can ride a bicycle with your father too if he is willing to do so. If, unfortunately, the weather is not favorable to move out, get everything inside and play indoor games with your father. To add to the adventure, you can plan fishing or camping with your Dad on weekends.

    Whatever you plan to do, make sure you end up with your father’s happiness and contentment. His smile is the best reward you can get for all your effort. He will never forget the day made so special with your adorable endeavors.


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