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Kids Bunk Beds

  • Why choose bunk beds?

    bunk beds

    If you are looking for furniture for kids bedrooms and are specifically looking to change your childs bed, then KidzDens has a great range of bunk beds to choose from. Has your child been nagging you to have friends stay over but you just don’t have the room? Or are the family wanting to visit but you have no spare room to put them up in? Then bunk beds could be the solution you are looking for.


    It can be said that children are attracted to bunk beds because they look like fun! Well as parents you may have slight reservations; however bunk beds can be more than simply one bed on top of another. The Thuka bunk bed range for example, offers a creative way to add to kids bedrooms with a fun theme on cool tents. Themes to choose from include Castles and Space as well as Pop Girls and Princess. These beds also come with a trundle beds meaning that you have three beds in one room should you need an extra bed for sleepovers of for your children to share a room when family come to visit.


    Bunk beds can also be useful for storage solutions, as not only are they essentially two beds in one but the Tam Tam range offers modern storage solutions by incorporating bedside shelving on both beds, for books, lamps or drinks etc. Alternatively bunk beds can also be bought with storage underneath the bottom bunk and so you really are utilising as much space as possible when buying a kids bed. However, if you are looking for a traditional bunk bed then KidzDens also stock traditional styles in a variety of materials and colours.


    If you are looking for a one stop shop where you can kit out your kids bedroom with everything they will need including matching kids furniture, then look no further than KidzDens. Looking for kids beds online means that you are able to compare a lot of prices without having to take your kids from shop to shop. Available at a touch of a button at Kidz Dens are kids beds, including bunk beds, kids bedding as well as furniture for kids such as tables, toy boxes or drawers all matching in order to create an amazing den for your child to sleep, play and grow up in.

  • What types of bunk beds are available for my children?

    kids bunk beds

    For a boy you may find football inspired kids bunk beds fitted with football accessories, or maybe for a girl you may find themes such as princesses attractive. For gender neutral kids bunk beds there is plenty to choose from for both younger children and young teenagers.

    Young children are always keen to have something fun and enjoyable in their bedroom, and a child does not have to have a simple bed in their bedroom anymore. There is a range of different kids bunk beds available that are bursting with fun. A younger child will require a bed that has handle bars, big steps and an adequate frame in order to maintain safety. But this does not mean that the style of kids bunk beds will be boring! There are kids bunk beds available with tents on the bottom. This can be used as a play area, a place to store toys or even an extra space for a bed for a sleepover. As your children will spend a lot of time in their bedroom playing, why not look at something that has a funky design. Animal designs are always fun for children and not gender specific. If you need kids bunk beds due to lack of space and are worried about where you will have space elsewhere in the bedroom to store things, do not worry! Bunk beds are available with storage space, great for storing toys and clothes.

    If you are looking for bunk beds for teenagers, you have an amazing range of choice. For the young teenager who would like his own independence and work space to do homework, you can get kids bunk beds which have a desk on the bottom to give your child that bit of independence they are looking for. You may be looking for bunk beds which will be ideal for people coming to stay over. The 3 bed bunk beds are ideal, with a single bed on top and a double on the bottom. These are ideal if you have three children or if you have visitors a lot.

    Whichever kids bunk beds you are looking at, make sure that they are safe and put together properly, as you don’t want any accidents. Kids bunk beds are great fun for children as they offer something different to the traditional bed. KidzDens has a great range of childrens furniture for you to choose from, so browse our products today!

  • Choose kids bunk beds for better space management

    kids beds

    As children get older they tend to spend more and more time in their bedrooms, as it is their personal space. Sometimes, however it is necessary for children to share rooms or if you have an extended family, with step-children staying then you may simply need additional space. Kids bunk beds are a great way to manage this space!

    Kids bunk beds do not have to stick to the classic look associated with them, today they are creative, fun and stimulating to encourage imaginative development. For example the Thuka Trendy range at Kidzdens includes some great bunk beds, whether for boys or girls that will help save on space and encourage your little ones to go to bed! Moreover bunk beds come with other great build in storage solutions if you truly need some space saving inspiration in time for the Christmas season, when it isn’t always out with the old in with the new, but more adding to the amount of items that your kids already have! Tam Tam kids bunk beds are designed for this very purpose, they allow kids to make the most of the space around them with additional shelving space build into the bed itself!

    Moreover, kids bunk beds now come in a variety of materials and colours, whether your kids room has a light, airy and natural feel and so natural coloured wood would be your colour of choice. Alternatively, if there is s pink, blue or multi coloured theme to the decor of your kids bedroom, we are certain that there is a kids bunk bed to suit your style at Kidzdens.

    If your kids are that little bit older and wanting friends to come over but you need a space saving solution to facilitate this, what could be better than kids bunk beds! With funky ranges by High Tek, any teenager would love to share their room with a friend! Moreover, if your kids still share a room but want to have sleepovers then a Bi-Bop kids bunk bed could be exactly what you need, with an optional pull out bed underneath as well as added storage, such as shelves and bedside space to place books or drinks at night.

    If you would like more information on the types of kids bunk beds available from Kidzdens, follow the link!

  • How can kids bunk beds help your kids to get to sleep?

    kids bunk beds

    Kids bunk beds are great for many reasons, they are fun for your kids to play with when they are awake and are a space saving solution if your kids share a room. They can cause some minor problems, in regards to who’s going to sleep where if your kids share a room, however alternating between top and bottom sleeping can be a solution for this.

    Kids bunk beds can come in a range of styles, including ones with tents underneath such as those in the Thuka trendy range at Kidzdens, to encourage play and develop the imagination. These are great for young children sharing a room. Other types of kids bunk beds are those with even greater built in storage solutions, such as those from Tam Tam. However, if your kids are slightly older, then having a double bed with a single bed on top will be beneficial as they want sleepovers and more room to move during sleep.

    There is also another reason why kids bunk beds are so advantageous, is that they can be beneficial if you are having trouble getting your kids to sleep at night. Firstly, if you have a child in a room of their own with bunk beds then you are able to easily read to them at night from the bottom bunk. This allows you to exit quietly once they have fallen asleep, instead of squashing together on a single bed and then worrying about disturbing them as you move to leave.

    If your kids share a room then being together on the bunk beds could be a comfort to them as they fall asleep, because they are together, as opposed to one being one end of the room and one being the other. Although, this may mean that they also chat for longer when really they should be sleeping, despite this the benefits of getting them to bed easily may outweigh some minor disadvantages.

    Wether you have boys, girls or a mix, one thing is certain that at one point or another during childhood children want bunk beds, whether they have seen friends with them or simply think they look like great fun! Kidzdens high quality kids bunk beds to suit all bedrooms and requirements. With trendy rocket tent beds and princess tent beds, you will find a bed to keep everyone happy, those buying the item as well as those sleeping in them!

  • Help me find a bed for kids that will get my kids to sleep at night

    kids beds

    Many parents have the problem of getting their kids to bed at night and here at KidzDens we believe that having a good bed for kids will get them to sleep properly at night. Some kids might play up and cry just so that they can stay up longer. Getting your child into a bed for kids that is comfortable and fun may solve this problem.

    Some children don’t like to go to bed before their Mum or Dad or older brothers or sisters. Some children see this as a punishment and start to cry so that they can stay up later. Buying a bed for kids from KidzDens is a great idea as we have plenty of fun and exciting beds for kids. For a child who is fascinated with football, not being able to stay up and watch football is upsetting for them. We have a bed for kids that is suitable for kids who love football. You may want to look at our range of single beds that have a football as the headboard, which might settle your child down at night time. Maybe your child wants to stay up at night to watch racing cars? We also have a range of single beds and midsleepers that are designed like racing cars.

    Comfortable beds for kids are essential so that your kids get a good night sleep and aren’t tired before school in the morning. We have a wide range of top quality beds and kids bedding sure to make your kids comfortable and excited about going to sleep at night. Reading a bed time story with your kids can get them to sleep at night in their bed for kids from KidzDens. This will settle them down, ready for a good sleep before school.

    Get your child into a bedtime routine so that they will look forward to getting into their bed for kids. You may want to have a look at the range of midsleeper beds at KidzDens that are fun and exciting. Midsleepers are similar to a bunk bed for kids but they are smaller and fitted with more safety precautions. For a wide range of beds for kids and kids bedding visit KidzDens product pages now.

  • Great ideas for kids beds are available at KidzDens!

    kids beds

    At KidzDens you will find a great range of kids beds for you to choose from. If you are in need of ideas to make your childs bedroom a wonderful haven, then take a look at the variety of kids beds available from KidzDens.

    A bed is an important part of a childs bedroom, as it is the place that they need to feel the safest in order to get all of the sleep that they need. As children grow they need to keep their energy levels up for daytime activities such as school and so on. If your child is still young then looking at junior beds is a great way to encourage them to sleep in their own bed without making the full jump to a single bed. Junior beds which can also be referred to as shorty beds, come in a multitude of styles, your child could be sleeping in a race car for example or even in a digger! If this does not appeal to you then there are also midsleepers which are a great storage solution available in the “shorty” style, alternatively there are also classic beds from Thuka to suit your needs.


    Single beds also come in a variety of styles, where your child could be sleeping in a fire engine for example, or have a pink bed if your little one is crazy for pink. As mentioned, kids beds can also be great storage solutions! If your child requires more space in their room or a place to do homework, (so that the kitchen table is free for meal times!) then midsleepers are an excellent choice. This is also a great choice if your child does not want to sleep too high up. These kids beds also offer excellent storage space as your childs possessions seem to expand exponentially as they grow.


    Highsleepers are also great kids beds, especially if your children are that little bit older, as they create much more storage space for computer desks, even spare beds for when your childrens friends stay over. Highsleepers are so great they can even fit a wardrobe underneath them if your teenager is struggling to find room for all of those must have items of clothing! If you would like to see all that KidzDens has to offer, click the following link; KidzDens.

  • What are the pros and cons of bunk beds?

    bunk beds

    There are, generally two sides to every story as there are pros and cons with any decision you may make. Buying bunk beds for your child or for your children also has its pros and cons. To help you make the decision on whether or not to invest in bunk beds we have highlighted some of the pros and cons surrounding the use and practicalities of bunk beds.


    Bunk beds are great for children’s bedrooms if you are looking for a way to sleep two children in one room without taking up too much room and so that they still have room to play in. In this respect it is a space saving option, but it could also mean that your children will develop a great bond. Bunk beds for children are also useful as a space saving option if you have a small room and want to utilise as much space as possible. If your child simply wants bunk beds as they seem like fun then they can also be useful if they have a friend over to stay or so that they can alternate between top and bottom, making going to bed more fun as they can make the choice themselves. Bunk beds can also be used for creative play and turning what is actually a simple sleeping area into mysterious or magical places such as castles or caves.


    On the other side the main cons of bunk beds are the safety issues, such as falling out or something happening to the bed and it breaks. Bunk beds have been around for some time, and bunk beds for children and becoming ever more popular, it would not be advisable however to put a toddler in bunk beds, or especially the top bunk, if they are likely to climb around, or children who sleep walk or have general sleep disturbances. It is important then to make sure that the bed is assembled correctly, that the rails are high enough to prevent falling out and the ladder is properly attached. Another issue that arises with bunk beds is squabbling over who gets to sleep where, if this becomes an issue then putting a rota in place can solve this, so long as it is stuck to.


    Bunks beds can offer a great space saving solution for your home, if you are looking for bunk beds with creative designs or a more traditional approach; Kidz Dens has a wide range to choose from. For more information or to buy bunk beds visit Kidz Dens.


  • Picking beds for kids may be a daunting task

    kids bunk beds

    When faced with buying your child their first “grown up” bed, it can be a daunting event. It marks a landmark in their lives, as beds for kids tend to have sides unlike the crib. This means that your kids will have a whole new level of freedom, including getting up at any time they like! Choosing the right childrens bedroom furniture, could prove a pivotal choice in keeping them in their rooms. At Kidzdens we have a huge selection of beds for kids from well-known international brands such as Thuka and Stompa. These beds are designed with children in mind and as such have many additional features that will make the prospect of staying in bed fun. Many have the option to add den areas or turrets to create a little castle for your prince or princess. The additional use of themed childrens bedding can really add to the experience. If you are looking for a more organised approach to your childrens bedroom furniture, then there a range of storage based options with most of our beds for kids.

    Do you have more than one child at the stage of sleeping in their own beds? Then maybe bunk beds are a viable option for you. While they are amazing for saving space, they also have the added benefit that kids think they’re really cool. It seems to be a universal belief that climbing into a raised bed is somehow more exciting than a standard bed. At Kidzdens we have loads of beds for kids, which take this premise into consideration. We feel that creating kids rooms shouldn’t be an afterthought when decorating the home. Ultimately this is the personal space in which your child is going to develop in. Where they will play with friends, do their homework and dream of their futures to come. Using well designed childrens furniture can help stimulate your childs imagination, as well as create an easy to use space. While your childs opinion is always going to be the bottom line, your opinion matters too! We stock a range of Thuka products that have adaptable features, which increases the longevity of the piece of furniture. What may have started life as a castle bed (complete with turrets), can become a funky mid sleeper with built in study area for the more mature school starter.

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