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  • Bed for kids: room for growth

    It is a well-known fact that children grow while they sleep, this is why choosing the right bed for kids is important. While many aspects of the sleep cycle are a mystery, there is little doubt of the important role it plays in the development of children. One theory regarding dreams is that they provide a safe environment for humans to play out scenarios from the previous day. So while your children sleep they are reassessing all the things that they have experienced in the day in order to learn from them. Children need stimulation in their waking hours in order for them to learn as much as possible at an early age. Specially designed childrens furniture can play a role in this; at Kidzdens we have a huge range of products designed to stimulate childrens imaginations.

    This includes themes such as jungle, princess, football and fairies.  We have everything from beds for kids shaped like cars and castles to accessories like rocket string lights and jungle giant wall stickers.  We have a huge selection of shaped bed, which always prove popular with kids. While you may find cheaper lower quality beds on the market, at Kidzdens we pride ourselves on stocking high quality bed for kids etc. Such as our Racer racing car bed, made by Sweet Dreams, which features sturdy construction and stylish design.

    Children between 5 and 12 tend to need around 9 and a half hours sleep a night, which means that creating a comfortable area for your children to sleep in is important. Childrens furniture is specifically designed for children, to make it as comfortable and functional as possible. For example bed for kids tend to have interchangeable options designed to change as your kids grow. Children also develop physically while sleeping. Research would suggest that the down time in sleep allows our bodies to recuperate and restore itself.

    As children are growing, rather than restoration the body focuses on growth, with a particular emphasis on the developing immune system. It is a great irony that children seem to think that going to bed is a chore, when sleep actually helps them to grow strong and gives them the energy to play all day!  Childrens bedding is a cheap way to involve your child in the decoration of their rooms. As bedding is very interchangeable it is an easy way to hopefully peak their interest in going to bed.

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