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boys bedroom themes

  • Kids bedding to inspire a child’s imagination


    Children always pick up the latest fad when it comes to television programmes but if you changed your childs bedroom every time they become addicted to a new program, you would realistically be forever decorating. This would not only be time consuming but also costly, especially during a time of recession.


    Kids bedding is ideal in this situation, as you can keep a plethora of items such as dinosaur bedding or trucks and diggers bedding for the little men in your life. Or princess bedding and butterfly bedding for the little ladies, which offers plenty of choice depending on their mood or fancy. This will also encourage their imagination and creative side as they create worlds full of fun for themselves and friends to play in.


    As parents, it is important to create stimulating and engaging environments for your kids. Changing your kids bedding and allowing them to make choices in regards to themes, whether your boy is football mad or your girl wants a fabulous fairy hideaway. Kids bedding is a great, yet inexpensive way to allow them to change the feel of their bedroom as their personalities grow and change.


    Having furniture for kids that will be as changeable as they are is a fantastic idea as their tastes may change overnight and so having furniture that is adaptable is beneficial. Changing kids bedding or even kids curtains or kids cushions as their tastes and ideas about how they want their bedroom to feel, is a great way to allow kids to feel as if they are part of decisions that directly affect them.


    It is therefore important to make the right choice when it comes to kids bedding because a bedroom is where your child will spend most of their time when they are at home, especially as they get older and need more space in order to do homework, talk with friends or have friends over. Practical items of furniture for kids include multi-purpose beds, such as midsleepers or highsleepers which can come with desks or spare beds fitted within them, which are also great space savers.


    For more information and creative kids bedding as well as furniture for kids take a look at the choices available at KidzDens.

  • Bedroom furniture: How a theme can make a room


    There is a temptation with childrens bedrooms to believe that the space is not as important as the grown up rooms of the house. In this respect kids rooms are often overlooked in terms of style and practicality.  While it may be tempting to think that any old furniture will do. Using well designed childrens bedroom furniture can make life easier for you and your child. If the child has furniture designed to match its age group, then the child is likely to be more independent. Many childrens bedrooms are painted in the seemingly mandatory pink, blue or neutral. However, there is a vast array of wallpapers, furniture and accessories that make it possible to create something really special for your little ones.

    Take for example a space theme, here at kidz dens we offer a large selection of thematic childrens bedroom furniture. Including beds, space bedding, wall stickers, light shades and even space knobs for the dressers! And for the girls, you could have a princess theme with an array of wall stickers, bedding and accessories. The Thuka princess theme midsleeper bed offers an instant touch of princess magic. Themes are a great way of creating an individual room for your child, making their bedroom a place for creative play and sweet dreams.  Another positive aspect of a themed room is the ability to update it as the child grows. Going back to the space example, if you paint the wall in neutral colours, as the child grows simply remove the wall stickers and change the bedding to stars rather than spacemen. Childrens bedroom furniture is built with children in mind and as such generally has features that can be adjusted. Another key feature of childrens furniture is the inclusion of storage space, which is perfect for tidying toys and other essentials.

    Kidz dens have a fantastic array of childrens bedroom furniture, including wardrobes, desks and chairs. Each piece in the range has been selected for its quality of design and build, from outstanding designers such as Stompa, Thuka and Kidsaw.  Paired with the many accessorise available you can easily create a room which is perfect for your children.  Strength and durability are key features when choosing furniture for your children, if it is too survive the trials of a young childs bedroom.

  • Childrens bedding: The benefits of branded and un-branded childrens bedding.

    butterfly theme

    If you have recently redecorated your kid’s rooms, perhaps with specialised thuka childrens furniture, then finding the right bedding can make all the difference. Childrens bedding can make or break the outcome of a themed childrens bedroom. KidzDens offers a huge range of choice for both boys and girls including diggity duvet sets, space glitter duvet sets and fairy duvet sets. We even have a selection of bedspreads with the emblems of the most popular football teams on, which is perfect when looking for childrens bedding uk style. There is a decision to be made when choosing to buy branded or non-branded bedding for your kids. While the flavour of the month may be Peppa Pig or Ben 10, will they still be as interested in a month’s time? Choosing from our selection of beautiful unbranded products can ensure the longevity of your choice remaining in your child’s favour. The theme options are more or less endless, ranging from space and jungle themes to butterflies and gingerbread. Our unbranded ranges come with a selection of related children’s bedroom accessories, such as curtains, cushions and wall decor.

    While a good room design will incorporate many facets such as wall stickers, childrens furniture and carpets, childrens bedding really is the key. It really isn’t just limited to being a feature of one room either. As children get older, they start spending more time with their friends and as such attending sleep overs. This is where taking their own bedding, can lend a child confidence in an unfamiliar environment. Having funky modern bedding can allow them to be cool in front of their friends. Another solution is to buy a sleepover bag, this option from an adult perspective is that the bedding is easier to transport and subsequently clean. They come in a range of designs and sizes so there is something to accommodate all tastes.

    KidzDens is an online business selling top quality childrens bedding and furniture. Their aim is to create a comprehensive selection of childrens bedroom furniture for you to select all you need to create the perfect living space for your little ones. Our selection of products is always developing in order to incorporate the latest trends, so that you will always find something to add to your kids room as they develop.

  • Bedding for kids, fantastic designer ranges!


    When looking to buy bedding for kids you’ll be amazed at the range of designer or character kids bedding currently available. The fantastic array of story books, interactive DVD’s and computer games that our children have really brings their world more than ever into their bedroom. Why not help to really make it a special room for them by investing in bedding for kids that’s really to their taste.

    We have many of the most popular brands and character kids bedding available for your little boys and girls at KidzDens and many themes are covered:

    Boys are sure to find something to suit within the following categories of aeroplanes, camouflage, cars, cowboys, farmyard, football (including the latest England, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United ranges) Jungle, pirates, sailing, space, trains, trucks and diggers, under the sea as well as wizards and castles. Where as your little lady is likely to enjoy our kids bedding ranges of ballerinas, butterflies, cup cakes, Disney princess, fairies, flowers, gingham and polka dot, hearts, horses, princess and strawberry patch.

    It is possible that these designer and/or character childrens bedding sets help our children feel safe and comforted in their bedrooms and help them get a good nights sleep. Often the quality of these bedding sets is extremely high and whilst they may be slightly more expensive than the basic ranges, they often far outlast the cheaper alternatives currently on offer in the childrens bedding market.

    Whatever choice you make when looking to buy bedding for kids you can be sure to find a great range available at the KidzDens online store. Please contact us on 0800 954 5656 if you don’t find what you are looking for or for any other advice on kitting out your childs bedroom.

  • Set your Kid’s Bathroom up in 3 Exciting Ways

    Just like a beautiful and organized bedroom setting is essential for the proper mental and physical growth of kids, a well-maintained and tidy little bathroom is also essential to encourage good personal hygiene habits in your kids. Nowadays, there are countless bathroom decorating ideas available that you can utilize in turning your kid’s bathroom into a pretty little nook where your kid can keep himself clean enjoyably. Down here are 3 outstandingly budget-friendly bathroom decorating ideas you must try:

    Beach Theme

    What else can your kid wish for when you can create a small beach right inside his bathroom? Yes! It is possible. You can transform your kid’s little bathroom into a pretty little exotic beach by accessorizing it with all the summery accents and accessories in bright and fresh colors. Apply sea blue color combinations to the bathroom walls and apply the sea surfing wall art to make the theme look realistic. Don’t forget to add the cute little squeaking bathroom toys and variously shaped soaps and towels.

    Cowboy Theme

    If you have a kid with a cowboy fever, you should think about making the place match with your kid’s ambitions. You can add great accessories to your kid’s bathroom to create a cowboy or cowgirl feel on the whole. You can apply brown craft paper torn into pieces to the walls for giving a leathery look to the walls. Furnish one or two walls further with cowboy art. Apply rough and tough color themes like combos of black and brown or black and gray to walls in different patterns. Add saddles displays, toilet paper holders, cap guns and other cowboy related accessories to the bathroom to enhance the feel of the theme.

    Prehistoric Theme

    Get back to the Jurassic period and bring the dinosaurs in your kid’s bathroom. Be a bit creative with the craft paper and stick its torn pieces to the walls to give them an earthy look. Buy some rubber stamps that you can use to print various shapes on the walls like Dino footprints, fossils, some strange weeds, etc. You can also mould plaster of Paris into little Dinos, skeletons or some creatures of olden times and can stick them all to the walls. You can even cut out your desired shapes from sponges and can use these sponge shapes as stencils for putting these prints on to the walls. Apply earthy colors to the walls that can help you get back into the olden times.

    These 3 ideas might sound like a lot of job to be done but actually they offer no burden on your pocket at all. All these accessories can be bought easily from the inexpensive markets and it takes no time or cost to decorate your kid’s bathroom with these accessories on your own. You can even get your kids to help you out in getting all things done as desired. In the end, you will have a bathroom your kid will love to boast about.

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