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  • Kids bedding to inspire a child’s imagination


    Children always pick up the latest fad when it comes to television programmes but if you changed your childs bedroom every time they become addicted to a new program, you would realistically be forever decorating. This would not only be time consuming but also costly, especially during a time of recession.


    Kids bedding is ideal in this situation, as you can keep a plethora of items such as dinosaur bedding or trucks and diggers bedding for the little men in your life. Or princess bedding and butterfly bedding for the little ladies, which offers plenty of choice depending on their mood or fancy. This will also encourage their imagination and creative side as they create worlds full of fun for themselves and friends to play in.


    As parents, it is important to create stimulating and engaging environments for your kids. Changing your kids bedding and allowing them to make choices in regards to themes, whether your boy is football mad or your girl wants a fabulous fairy hideaway. Kids bedding is a great, yet inexpensive way to allow them to change the feel of their bedroom as their personalities grow and change.


    Having furniture for kids that will be as changeable as they are is a fantastic idea as their tastes may change overnight and so having furniture that is adaptable is beneficial. Changing kids bedding or even kids curtains or kids cushions as their tastes and ideas about how they want their bedroom to feel, is a great way to allow kids to feel as if they are part of decisions that directly affect them.


    It is therefore important to make the right choice when it comes to kids bedding because a bedroom is where your child will spend most of their time when they are at home, especially as they get older and need more space in order to do homework, talk with friends or have friends over. Practical items of furniture for kids include multi-purpose beds, such as midsleepers or highsleepers which can come with desks or spare beds fitted within them, which are also great space savers.


    For more information and creative kids bedding as well as furniture for kids take a look at the choices available at KidzDens.

  • Upgrade your childrens bedding


    Whether it’s new words learnt, baby teeth falling out or clothes that never seem to fit, we at Kidzdens know how every parent is feeling: my children are growing up too fast!

    No sooner have you gently placed them into their cot for the first time, tucked in their Lunar Jim childrens bedding and watched their eyes sparkle as they giggle at the freshly painted mural of Winnie the Pooh and his friends on the wall than months have flown by and they’re kicking a muddy football against the same mural, all dressed in their full Chelsea FC kit.

    The simple fact is that whatever predictions we make about what we think our children will like, they will still cultivate their own interests and hobbies as they grow and, with the best will in the world, few of us can afford to redecorate their bedroom at every crossroads in their development in order to keep up.

    We have an alternative blueprint that may be of interest, one that will allow you to keep pace with each new fad and not break the bank in doing so.  By opting for a neutral interior design and allowing your childrens bedding and bedroom accessories to take the strain in reflecting changing fashions, you can keep your children happy and not have to bring in Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen every six months!

    At Kidzdens, we have a wide range of funky, yet practical, children’s furniture.  These are stylish and well-made pieces, providing a blank canvas upon which your children can express themselves (though, hopefully, not literally!)

    Once the furniture is installed, you can peruse the huge variety of themed childrens bedding (from pirates, football teams and dinosaurs to Narnia, Fairy Princesses and Hello Kitty) and bedroom accessories (such as cute mobiles, cuddly bed warmers, themed door signs and picture frames) that are available here at Kidzdens to reflect your children’s personality as they grow and mature.

    So visit us now at Kidzdens and see how you can redesign your childrens bedding.  They’ll thank you for it and they may even stop playing football into the bedroom and take it down the park!

  • Kids bedding foster independence in more ways than one

    kids beddings

    Instilling independence and responsibility in children is an important developmental requirement, kids bedding can be an unlikely tool in aiding this development. While kids bedding may not be the most riveting part of you or your child’s life it can be a useful initial tool for instilling responsibility.

    Decorating your kids room can be a costly process, when you take into account repainting, childrens wallpaper, a new carpet, curtains, light fittings and childrens furniture. As an adult you can take a step back and invest in pieces of furniture that will continue to add value. Take for instance Thuka kids beds, these beds are designed to change and develop as your child grows. Allowing your kids to help in the decorating process, may make them feel included however, it can be a challenge explaining to a four year old that a baby pink carpet might not be the best idea in terms of longevity. This is where kids bedding is the perfect choice, as a lower cost decorating option bedding can and will need to be replaced numerous times in the lifespan of kids beds. This means that you can let your little one have the responsibility of choosing their own bedding, with little fear of the consequences. At Kidzdens we have a huge selection of childrens bedding for them to choose from, including several brand names and characters. So if your little girl is currently obsessed with the neon pink world of Hello Kitty, you can choose to indulge this predilection without fear. The beauty of kids bedding is that in 3 months’ time when Hello Kitty is “so last week”, your little princess can choose a far more grownup Elle duvet set or the simple polka dot butterfly duvet set.  Choices for kids bedding aren’t restricted to girl’s options either, at Kidzdens we have a huge selection of boys bedding as well. With themes ranging from adventure settings such as pirates and jungles through to all the major uk football teams.

    Allowing your child to take responsibility for their own bedding, after they have chosen it also allows them to develop a level of responsibility. Adding changing their own bedding to the list of your child’s chores will help them to become more independent.

  • Childrens bedding: Blankets Versus Duvet Sets


    At Kidzdens, we strive to ensure that we cater for all our visitors’ kids room related requirements and kids bedding is no exception.  Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to blankets and duvets and, of course, when it comes to childrens bedding, parents tend to project their own predilections onto their offspring.  However, it’s always nice to have some rationale to justify your leaning, so we’re going to take a look at some of the pros and cons of these two options.

    Compared to blankets, of course, duvets are a relatively new invention.  And when it comes to technical innovation, there’s much more scope for development with duvets – with different fillings, pocketing techniques and improved materials.  That’s not to say, however, that blanket technology is standing still – weaving styles and enhancements in man-made materials are constantly bringing improvements to thermic capacity and hygiene.

    Blankets provide you, as a parent, with the capacity to tuck in your childrens bedding much more easily.  This is particularly useful with younger children who benefit from the comfort and safety of being firmly enclosed.  Furthermore, until children grow a little older, they struggle to regulate their own body temperature - therefore keeping them under a blanket more simply provides this constancy.

    In contrast, a duvet is much looser and, even when partnered with duvet pegs, it is considerably easier for children to wriggle free, become cold or distressed and wake themselves (and you!).  Of course, for older children, duvets represent a more useful form of childrens bedding when it comes to regulating their own temperature as they can kick their feet out with ease.  Moreover, whilst duvet covers are easier to clean than whole blankets, the occasional overnight accident with a smaller child does mean most of us have experienced the misfortune of having to force an entire duvet in the washing machine.

    However, the final decision almost always comes down to which childrens bedding alternative gives your child the most comfort. And when it comes to children, I think we’d all recognise that a good rationale is rarely enough to actually win an argument! Whatever route you opt for, you can count on Kidzdens to offer a wide variety of stylish, high quality and comfortable options at affordable prices.  Visit our website now to check out our choices.

  • Kids beds: Why not double their fun with kids bunk beds?

    kids beds

    There are many versions of kids beds but to save and create space we at Kidzdens believe kids bunk beds are the best way to make this space as well as creating enjoyment for the kids.


    Bunk beds are ideal kids beds and are also the perfect sleeping setup for small rooms. Instead of having two single beds taking up twice the amount of space on the floor, you have two beds in one space in the bedroom which creates more space for other furniture to go into your child’s room. This also means more space for you and your children to bond and play in their rooms, which helps a family come closer together.


    For children, they are exciting as well as extraordinarily fun and also the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom as they can have friends stopping over and not creating too much hassle for the parents.


    Kids beds can be all fun and games for kids, but some parents may feel that kids bunk beds are a hazard.  As a concerned parent, they may consider some safety concerns and issues in themselves. As children will climb on them, there is the potential that children could fall from a height.  However, bunk beds have been redesigned over the years and modern models have side panels to protect your child from falling from a height.


    Kids beds also have a vital part to play in the growth of your child as having a correctly sized bed allows the child to stretch and move during the night.  If a child’s bed is too small, this could cause loss of sleep for the child as they won’t be able to fully extend their bodies.  As we all know children grow rapidly so it is important that you consider this when you buy childrens bedroom furniture.


    Here at kidzdens we have found a way to aid children’s growth as well as turning them into adventurous kids by creating new opportunities for them to grow as people as well.  Also by opting for kids bunk beds, you provide the opportunity for children to use rest of their room to play games with the family as well as with their friends. Come and check out our fantastic range of beds and bedding today.

  • What to look for when selecting kids bedding

    kids beddings

    When selecting your kids bedding, your first step is to consider your child’s tastes. A child’s bedroom is often a show of their personality. Think about the colours your child likes as well as what styles they like. The best way to make sure you get the right kids bedding is to take your child with you to the shop, as they will guide you to the perfect kids bedding.

    Kids bedding is available in a variety of designs, from cartoon characters to football teams. Make sure you have longevity in mind. Your daughter may like Spongebob Squarepants this week, but will she like him in the near future? If you change your kids bedding often then doing this is ideal, but if not stay with patterns and themes that your child can grow with.

    Generally all children’s books, TV and film characters are available on kids bedding e.g. Barbie, Bratz, Disney, The Simpsons, Hannah Montana, Batman. Therefore the range of kids bedding available generally is very extensive. Before committing yourself to expensive kids bedding, ensure your child’s fondness of the character is here to stay not just a passing phase. Your child may outgrow their craze with a particular character, but girls are always likely to stay fond of pinks, flowers and pretty patterns and boys with blues, greens and insects. Popular kids bedding are: teddy bears, nature, animals, military, solar system, fairies, video games and so on.

    Kids bedding is also available in an assortment of non-themed patterns. This can be from pastels to neon’s. Patterns favoured by children are: hearts, circles, stripes and abstract designs. These kids beddings are likely to last throughout the teenage years.

    Buying the perfect kids bedding can be a daunting job for a parent, with ever changing interests of a child. Make sure that if you child wants character bedding that they won’t grow out of liking it within a week! If they aren’t fussed, make sure you choose a colour and pattern which suits them and the bedroom itself, as your child will play in their bedroom and will want to be happy in there among colours he/she likes.

    If you prefer to buy online, you will find an array of websites selling kids bedding. For an amazing selection of kids bedding visit KidzDens today!

  • Kids bedding: So Much Choice

    kids beddings

    There is a huge selection of kids bedding available on the market, varying in price. While you may be tempted to buy cheap bedding from the supermarket, are you sure that the quality is up to scratch for your little one. At Kidzdens we offer a wide range of a 100% cotton childrens duvet cover sets and cotton blend bedding options.

    There are a huge selection of childrens bedding with the latest cartoon characters on them, such as Fifi and Pocoyo. While children love the idea of having their favourite characters in their room, these images are often gaudy and can clash with most subtly planned childrens bedrooms. If you have spent a lot of time planning the décor of your little ones room, with childrens furniture, wall stickers and accessories, the sudden instalment of a pirates of the Caribbean bed spread may not be a welcome addition. At Kidzdens we have a range of subtle childrens bedding, which allows a theme to be continued in a fun but subdued way. In each range we have a number of choices, such as the “jolly roger duvet cover set” and the “pirate x marks the spot duvet cover set”. Both of these options would allow your child to embrace the pirate theme, yet both are neutral colours that will match many colour schemes.

    Within each range we also offer completing accessories like soft furnishings, lighting and children’s furniture.  Our curtains are made of the same high quality materials as our childrens bedding, meaning that the complement each other perfectly.  The cushions tend to feature the same designs as the bedding but set on a different background colour in order to create a subtle contrast in the room. Childrens quilts are a popular addition to the range, again made with 100% cotton and sporting intricate applique detail. We also have a range of products that will help transform a plain child’s bedroom in to super fun themed room in seconds. Wall stickers are a great way to inject a splash of colour into a room, without all the hassle of wallpapering. Switching light swtich covers is again an easy way to add a bit of fun into your little ones room. With the added benefit of keeping your actual light switch casing clean and safe from childrens sticky fingers.

  • Have you ever considered kids bedding as a gift?

    kids beddings

    It is definitely possible to say that kids today have a great many choices when it comes to the presents they would like. So much so that even their parents find it difficult to keep track of the toys they have! If you are looking to buy a gift for your niece / nephew / god child / cousin, whomever then consider kids bedding!

    Every child has a bed and kids bedding can be both a practical yet cool gift, especially if you know the child’s favourite theme such as dinosaurs or princesses, even football teams or groovy chic! Moreover, if the child you are looking to buy a gift for shares a bedroom with a sibling, either on kids bunk beds or otherwise then having unique bedding to reflect their personality is a great way to personalise a room without having to have half one colour an half another!

    Moreover, whether it is a birthday, Christmas or any other gift, you can never have too many changes of kids bedding. They are especially useful for things such as sleepovers or if the child likes to draw on their bed then this may mean that changing the bedding is more than just a weekly task.

    It is also fair to say that no matter what ages the child is, as soon as they start sleeping in a bed, that bed will need bedding in some form. So whether the child whom you are buying a gift for is five or fifteen, we are sure that kids bedding or kids bedroom accessories will go down a treat.

    You can therefore buy a typical duvet set, or something a little more creative such as a throw or fleece blanket. This will not only keep them extra warm in the winter, but is also transferrable. If the child likes to cuddle on the sofa to watch television or read then they can take this gift with them. Or it would be especially useful for long car journeys. KidzDens stock a great range of items for you to choose from, such as a Jolly Roger Fleece Blanket or a Strawberry patch quilt.

    For more information on the range of kids bedding stocked by KizDens, simply click on the link!

  • Bedroom furniture: How a theme can make a room


    There is a temptation with childrens bedrooms to believe that the space is not as important as the grown up rooms of the house. In this respect kids rooms are often overlooked in terms of style and practicality.  While it may be tempting to think that any old furniture will do. Using well designed childrens bedroom furniture can make life easier for you and your child. If the child has furniture designed to match its age group, then the child is likely to be more independent. Many childrens bedrooms are painted in the seemingly mandatory pink, blue or neutral. However, there is a vast array of wallpapers, furniture and accessories that make it possible to create something really special for your little ones.

    Take for example a space theme, here at kidz dens we offer a large selection of thematic childrens bedroom furniture. Including beds, space bedding, wall stickers, light shades and even space knobs for the dressers! And for the girls, you could have a princess theme with an array of wall stickers, bedding and accessories. The Thuka princess theme midsleeper bed offers an instant touch of princess magic. Themes are a great way of creating an individual room for your child, making their bedroom a place for creative play and sweet dreams.  Another positive aspect of a themed room is the ability to update it as the child grows. Going back to the space example, if you paint the wall in neutral colours, as the child grows simply remove the wall stickers and change the bedding to stars rather than spacemen. Childrens bedroom furniture is built with children in mind and as such generally has features that can be adjusted. Another key feature of childrens furniture is the inclusion of storage space, which is perfect for tidying toys and other essentials.

    Kidz dens have a fantastic array of childrens bedroom furniture, including wardrobes, desks and chairs. Each piece in the range has been selected for its quality of design and build, from outstanding designers such as Stompa, Thuka and Kidsaw.  Paired with the many accessorise available you can easily create a room which is perfect for your children.  Strength and durability are key features when choosing furniture for your children, if it is too survive the trials of a young childs bedroom.

  • Childrens bedroom furniture: Football fun with great kids bedroom accessories.


    Kidzdens have a great range of football themed childrens bedroom furniture, which is perfect for the start of the new season. If your little one is aspiring to be the next David Beckham or Steven Gerrard, then why not treat them to a football themed room. We have a selection of beds for kids that have a football theme. Take for example the Julian Bowen Albion Bed, a sturdy bed with football appliqués on both the headboard and footboard. When teamed with childrens bedding from our football range, this is a must for your little striker. As well as football style childrens bedroom furniture, we also have football accessories such as switch covers, clocks, lamps and even hand painted doorknobs. In childrens bedding we have single duvets sets for all of the major English football teams and a whole section dedicated to the English football team. Other England team soft furnishings include curtains, cushions and blankets to complete your theme.


    Our childrens bedroom furniture range includes the cute but practical Kidsaw football 2 drawer chest, which features football shaped knobs. This piece of furniture for kids is the perfect thing to tempt your kid into tidying away their toys. Choosing a theme that your child is interested in is a great way to make them feel included when decorating their bedroom.  Football is a great choice as a theme for childrens bedroom furniture, as it will last longer than other themes. Many children will clamour for their room to be decorated with the latest trend such as Ben 10, however in a years’ time will this character still be the flavour of the month? A better option for television programmes is to purchase some childrens bedding depicting the character, which can be replaced as the trend passes. Football teams however are for life, so if you choose to buy Liverpool FC curtains and wallpaper, you are on to a safe bet in terms of attention span. When paired with a number of our generic football accessories, they will make the perfect space for the little man in your life to dream about scoring goals for their favourite team.

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