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bathroom accessories

  • Bedding for kids and the pressure to go designer

    Gruffalo Theme

    When looking to buy bedding for your kids you may be surprised at the cost of some designer or character kids bedding. The constant barrage of advertisements aimed at your children coupled with story books and other media that often leads to spin off merchandising could often lead parents to consider buying designer kids duvets and bedding sets.


    Having looked at the normal retail price of unbranded sets and compared them to the branded / character bedding sets available such as the Gruffalo or similar; the price point can be significantly higher and may lead to parents investigating other options.


    The choice for parents is of course exactly that, a choice and not one being imposed upon them. However the desire that children and some parents have to purchase the latest designer kids bedding online means that this trend will no doubt continue. The recession seems to reduce sales of high value designer items generally but the kids market appears to be immune due the love we have for our children and our willingness to spend money on our kids bedding.


    Other options of course include unbranded bedding such as the traditional plain cotton or some of the other cheaper options available which your child may very well be perfectly satisfied with. However, for that special birthday or Christmas gift you may feel that spending that little bit extra is worthwhile to see the joy on your child’s face when it comes to bedtime. It might even lead to your children staying in bed a little longer come the morning, allowing you to have that little bit more sleep!


    The good news is that which ever option you and your little angels decide upon you can be sure to find a great range of kids bedding online at Kidz Dens.

  • Essential Bathroom Accessories that your Kid must have

    Can you think of giving your kid a tough time in the bathroom? Can you imagine of your kid crying his heart out to avoid taking a bath? You surely will be worried about all these things whenever you think of giving your baby a bath. Kids usually run away from having bath and keeping themselves clean and prefer playing for hours instead. So how can you convince your kids for taking the boring bath patiently? The task is just as simple as adding some basic yet interesting accessories to your kid’s bathroom. These accessories not only encourage your kids to practice hygiene but also make the bathroom experience fun for your kids.

    Some bathroom accessories that you must have in your kid’s bathroom are as follows:

    • Towels/Cotton Wipes/Bathrobes

    These items should be in your kid’s bathroom for sure all the time. Your kid will need a towel every now and then to wipe his face and hands dry after using the washroom. After taking a bath, you need to cover your kids with towels for keeping them safe from chills. You can delight your kids by wrapping them up in brightly colored bathrobes or towels that have beautiful patterns on them.

    • Holders

    Do remember to keep holders for various things in your kid’s bathroom keeping in mind that kids can create an unmanageable mess. Keep toothbrush holders available in beautiful colors and shapes at one corner of the shelf. Keep the soap dishes that can be easily cleaned. Try to keep a pretty and transparent soap pump if possible. The most important holder is the one to keep the rubber toys that your kid uses to play with while taking a bath. If you can find the ones that can be stuck to the walls, it’s great!

    • Floor mats

    Buy some rubber floor mats that you can keep near the entrance. These mats are essential for your kid’s safety as they prevent the frequent falling and slipping over of your kids after having a bath.

    • Step stools

    There are various kinds of step stools available shaped in the form of different cartoon characters in vibrant colors. Do keep one or two of these stools in the bathroom so that your kids can use them whenever they have to get hold of the stuff lying on the shelves.

    • Toys and Sponges

    These accessories are the most important ones as they are the factors that can hold your kids in the bathroom for a longer time. Pretty little rubber squeakers in the form of animals are the most adored toys for the kids while taking a bath. Even there are cute colorfully playful sponges available easily for kids of all ages.

    These accessories, once added to your kid’s bathroom, will be the sheer source of fun for your kids in the bathroom. Keep all the kids-friendly items within their reach but also keep them safe from any unwanted accidents in the washroom by keeping all your kid’s bathroom activities under your supervision.

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