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What we do

Kidzdens offers a wide  range of products, bringing all you need in bedroom and playroom furniture for kids and teens.

We are working hard to bring the best in youth furniture and accessories to our customers and their children.


Showroom no more

We're sorry to have to say this, but in these hard times we have decided to close our showroom and go back to being a purely internet based business.  

While we understand the need people have to view beds and check quality in person, this doesn't necessarily turn into a sale for the company that provides this service.  So we have reluctantly decided that the showroom is an expense we will have to do without at the moment.  


ShowroomOur former showroom

Until recenty we had a showroom open at our warehouse in Ecclesfield. To try to highlight the styles, finishes, materials and quality of as many beds as possible we had the following on display:

  • Stompa Rondo midsleeper (white)
  • Stompa cube unit (antique)
  • Verona Rimini high bed with student package
  • Steens midsleeper (white) with pull out desk and shelves
  • Thuka Trendy Shorty midsleeper (pine) 
  • Boys vehicles junior bed and sling bookcase
  • Kidsaw desk and chair (pink)
  • Just 4 Kidz children's armchair

We have experience of the finishes and quality of materials for most of the beds we sell, so if you want to hear our opinions feel free to call and ask.  


Our Shop in Elsecar Heritage Centre

Thanks to all our customers who supported us during our time at Elsecar.  

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Our Products

We aim to provide a comprehensive kid's bedroom service covering all aspects of room decoration.  Starting with Beds and furniture, our ranges provide options for just about every need.  And once you've chosen your furniture we can supply all the extras that make a room fun and enjoyable for your kids.  We group our room decorations into themes to make it easier for you to find products that go well together.

Our room collections are designed to meet the needs of your child, and to grow with them as their requirements change.

Our Service

We aim to provide the best possible service. If you have any questions or queries please contact us by clicking on the Contact link in the bottom menu, or you can email us at: contact@kidzdens.co.uk